Questionable Parenting Choices, Part 2

I’m not gonna lie, I love these parents that are putting their kids’ most hilariously embarassing naked-toddler-in-the-bathtub-pictures out there for all the world to see. I still remember my own naked-toddler-in-the-bathtub picture, and I’m glad it’s currently buried somewhere in my parents’ basement rather than on the Internet. Here’s hoping growing up online prepares these kids for all that wondrous future embarrassment. Embarrassment is good for you; builds character. Take it from the girl who peed her pants in the fourth grade.

Not to mention, considering studies are showing that 12 percent of 12 YEAR OLDS have had sex (with a quarter of those having had four or more partners) (!!!!!!), I think anything we can do to hinder that–well, good on ya, parents.

Therefore I present to you, the best video ever. Let’s face it people, any kid can go to the dentist and get all drugged out on pain meds. This kid had to work on these absurdly awesome moves. Let’s all do a slow clap at how cool he is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch this again and collapse into giggles imagining his mom firing up the computer when he brings a date over for the first time ten years from now.

One Comment

  1. Jen Z says:

    Wurrey, you owe me 2 minutes of my life back! That was nowhere near as funny as the dentist kid. That child has been watching far too much television to mimic some of those dance moves…